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Award Winning Chef Simon Smith creates gourmet food to suit any occasion

You can hire Simon as a private chef for a special occasion, a dinner party or as a chef for your holiday property. Anywhere in the Gower, Swansea, Cardiff or South Wales.  It's the ideal alternative to a restaurant experience, bring the chef to your home or venue.

Simon will write the menu; buy and bring ingredients; prepare your meal or party (usually in your kitchen); serve each dish and tidy up before leaving. No matter the size of your kitchen or venue, or how well equipped it is, he will come prepared and adaptable. 



"Simon Smith, winner of our Hot New Chef of the Year Award, creates dishes whose fresh, vibrant, flavours and textures totally captivate the tastebuds" Egon Ronay

Private Chef, Simon Smith has cooked for celebs and royalty and appeared on TV but his career began here in South Wales. When Simon Smith was a lad he left his home in the Gower to travel the world and learn international cheffing (including helping to create Australia’s Restaurant of the Year). In London, he was named “Hot New Chef of the Year” (by Hungarian-born gastronome, Egon Ronay). Now he has come home. “As a private chef my goal is simple: to give you the food you get in the world’s best restaurants, in your own home, holiday property, or venue - and I’ve got a head start here in Gower because the local produce is so good!”

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